Enjoy inspired, exclusive getaways to high-end destinations during the guided tour of your dreams. Every year Gourmet Getaways founder and president Marlene Iaciofano accompanies a small group of travelers on a unique trip to one of Italy’s top locations. Itineraries include all the best Italy has to offer – planned, organized and personalized by a travel expert for the ultimate experience!


I traveled to Italy with Marlene in the fall of 2009. She developed the perfect itinerary, which included wine tastings, sightseeing, cooking classes and free time to absorb the culture and shop. The trip was extremely enjoyable, personalized and organized. I would recommend consulting with Marlene prior to your trip to Italy. You won’t be disappointed with the personalized service, attention to detail, knowledge of Italy and a fabulous itinerary.
— Karen Morano

Venice - Venetian Riviera - Milan

October 11 - 20

We will depart Newark on October 11 and fly directly to Venice.  Upon our arrival we will be privately transferred to our hotel which is centrally located in Venice.  We will spend two nights in Venice.  While here we will:

  • October 12 - check into our hotel: Hotel L Orologio, and have a welcome reception. In the afternoon we will meet our guide at 2pm and she will take us on a tour of Venice. We will meet later that evening in the lobby about 7:30 and walk to our restaurant for an enjoyable and delicious Welcome Dinner (included)

  • October 13 - Our guide will meet us in the lobby of the hotel at 9:30am and we will visit the islands of Murano and Burano by ferry. This tour should last about 4 hours. When done you have the rest of the day to do as you please. Then at 6:30pm we will meet in the lobby as there is a water taxi available to take us to the Contessa’s villa where we will have a private tour of her home and an exclusive dinner with her. The water taxi will be available to take us back to the hotel.

  • October 14 - We will check out of our hotel by 11:30 and meet our assistant in the lobby and we will be transferred to our next destination: Villa Franceschi in Mira. Again we will have a welcome reception, check into our rooms and have a relaxing afternoon before we begin our cooking class with the chef. After our lesson we will sit down to a delicious meal.

  • October 15 - Our guide will meet us in the lobby of the hotel at 9:30 and we will enjoy by boat four very palatial villas along the river. After our tour we will make out way to Paduo and enjoy some leisure time before returning to our hotel. Dinner will be on our own at the hotel.\

  • October 16 - Today we depart the hotel at 8:30 for a tour of Treviso. We will take a snack in town before we board the bus and go to the countryside to visit a vineyard famous for prosecco. We should return mid afternoon to our hotel and we can have dinner at our leisure there.

  • October 17 -we depart this lovely hotel early at 8:30am and we head west with our private van and the driver who will take us through the countryside to our next destination. We will stop along the way and discover how the real mortadella, prosciutto and salami are made. Then we will go to a local farmhouse for a delicious lunch and a glass of Lambrusco wine. After we will return to the bus and finish our journey to Milan. Dinner on our own if we need it. Check into our next and last hotel: Hotel Manzoni

  • October 18 -Morning we are on our own. At 12pm noon we will meet our guide in the lobby and she will take us to the Last Supper, the Duomo where we will climb to the top, and then to the La Scala Museum. This tour should last about 4 hours. We are then on our own and we can decide where we will want to have dinner.

  • October 19 - Our last day in Milan - Relax and take in more sights and shopping however be ready in the lobby at 3pm as our guide will take us by taxi to the Navagli Grande section of Milan were we will have a sunset cruise. Then back to the hotel for our Farewell Dinner at 8pm

  • October 20 Our bus will depart the hotel at 7am and bring us to the Milan airport.